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*We do not currently have any Process Days scheduled, but Presenter Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Process Days provide space for practitioners (of all experience levels) to facilitate conversations and workshops of their choosing. This space can be used to build confidence in one’s skills and develop new ideas. Unpolished work welcome!

Workshop and discussion topics should be relevant to artists, activists, mentors and the BewilderArts community at large. Proposals can be submitted via the Presenter Application.

Workshop Ideas to Get You Started on a Proposal...

Skill-Share Presentations
The Skill-Share presentations are exactly what they sounds like! The skill you wish to share can be one you have perfected over years and are looking to begin sharing with others, or a skill you have recently acquired and are looking to practice with a group. While the workshop may be unpolished, a plan for facilitating the transference of skills should be drafted and submitted with application. Group feedback is optional, and will be factored into presentation time.

Group Discussion
Topics can be introduced and discussed re: Arts Education and Arts Activism (we can even discuss these categorizations!)  Recommended readings may be provided by presenter. (Popular discussion topics may result in Bewilder-organized panels comprised of experts on said subjects).

Self-Care Check-In
Facilitate a safe space for Teaching Artists, mentors, and practitioners to check-in regarding successes, struggles, and of course, bewilderments, in a respectful, judgment-free zone.