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As a community organization, it is important to us that we keep BewilderArts open and accessible. We are so grateful for contributions of all sizes from fellow Bewilderers and friends. With these donations, we are able to continue providing quality services for all who wish to partake.

In addition to financial contributions (outlined below), we are very much about skill-sharing and item reusability. If you have items you'd like to donate, or skills you would like to volunteer, please let us know by e-mailing

Thank you for helping BewilderArts thrive!

The SPACE MAKER provides space for us to host our themed Workshop Days ("Writing for Performance & Community," "Activist April"). The SPACE MAKER also makes it possible to provide learning space for new practitioners (Process Days), and to invite back popular guest presenters for encore presentations. The more space we have access to, the more events we can host, the more people we can reach, and the more skills we can share. 

In the great spirit of Bewildering, the BEWILDERER allows us to keep dreaming big. As our community grows, we hope to find a permanent home for participants and facilitators to gather, practice, discuss, and socialize on a more regular basis. Going forward, we aim to grow our staff, provide more consistent trainings, host panels and conferences, and help facilitators launch new Community Outreach / Arts Ed / Arts Activism programming.

The MOVER  / SHAKER provides MetroCards / transportation reimbursement for facilitators and participants (as needed).

The CULINARY ARTIST keeps our Bewilderers well-fed, hydrated, and caffeinated throughout our Workshop Days.

BewilderArts is dedicated to making Workshop Days and Process Days open to all who wish to participate. The PARTICIPANT Package accounts for the cost of one spot in a Workshop Day. This donation allows the contributor to sponsor a space for an individual (either known or stranger!) to attend one of our Full-Day events. Through this contribution, you ensure that we can provide space for an interested participant to interact with fellow facilitators, artists and educators to skill-share and develop ideas.

The RE-ENERGIZER keeps BewilderArts' supplies in stock, materials updated, and outreach continuous.

The FACILITATOR provides compensation for our incredibly talented and hard-working invited guest facilitators.