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A Look Back at our Sustainable Arts Seasons

joanna G


What began as inspiration from the wonderful #PeoplesClimateMarch back in September (pics below) became a BewilderArts commitment to Sustainable Arts that saw us through the Autumn and Winter of 2014. (*People's Climate Art also offers space for workshops, check them out!) Pictured, our Sign-Making party for the march, and our signs & participants in action.


Halloween Recyco-Lantern Making party using recycled materials and supplies from Green in Brooklyn.

Below: Some of our wonderful crafters at our Recycled-Materials Card-Making Holiday Crafternoon on Saturday, December 6th at La Nacional.


To help sustain the sustainable arts focus, we have some Card-Making tips from our wonderful Holiday Recycled-Material Crafternoon Workshop Leader, Madeline Epstein:

Search through magazines and newspapers for images that appeal to you + large backgrounds with appealing colors and patterns (or images). Funny is good. Animals are good. Bored models are good. Use images that can interact in playful ways. It's helpful to plot out the card before attaching anything. You can't undo glitter*...

I like to start with a pattern background--waves, stripes, ripped newspaper, watercolor hearts--that creates a canvas that's not just the base of the card. Then I add an alternately colored image or two on top (green-ish background, models in pink coats). I like to save my most "precious" image for the top, and allow the remaining images to interact with each other on top. Be sure to save large add-ons (such as bows, ribbons and the like) for the end. 

*On the topic of glitter: fun when added SPARINGLY. The majority of the population does not want to spend half an hour vacuuming glitter after opening your card.

We are excited to announce that Madeline will be partnering with BewilderArts for a Valentine's Crafternoon on February 7th. March your calenders and keep a look out for more information!


Throughout our Green Arts Seasons, we have cast #SustainableSpotlights on some incredible organizations working to reduce waste and maximize creativity (past spotlights include #BroadwayGreenAlliance and local eco-conscious businesses). We would like to round out the year by commending the work of Materials for the Arts,

Materials for the Arts gathers unneeded materials from organizations and individuals, and makes them available to non-profits arts programs (amongst others). Even their warehouse is creative! (as pictured above). MFTA is like a treasure trove of materials that both aides the vision of its users, and sparks imagination at every turn. An amazing resource for sustainably minded organizations, as well as economically minded ones. We thank MFTA for all the hard work they do!