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About Us

The state of bewilderment is a shorthand for the importance and positive effect of amazement, fascination and doubt…I argue that this condition is what has maintained the desire of many practitioners to continue working.
— James Thomspon*

The mission of BewilderArts is to foster a community of current and future Teaching Artists, Practitioners and Activists in New York City.

By working in solidarity, and valuing the workshop space as a place of constant discussion and learning, BewilderArts aims to explore the communal and humanitarian potentials of art. As the name implies, we work towards these goals with an approach that embraces new ideas, new concepts, and new possibilities. 

  • Workshop Days - BewilderArts Workshop Days are designed to highlight and demonstrate Arts Education / Arts Activist work currently happening in New York City. By bringing together professional organizations and facilitating artists, Workshop Days facilitate accessible, cross-discipline arts /activism skill-sharing. Applied arts disciplines include Community Outreach, Writing to Performance, Museum Education, Forum Theater, Sustainable Arts and Therapeutic Arts.
  • Process Days - BewilderArts Process Days provide space for Teaching Artists to pitch and practice new workshops, as well as propose discussion topics relating to best practice, peer-to-peer support, and personal and professional goal charting. Teaching Artists are invited to propose Process Days through our Submit Proposal page.

Goals for BewilderArts:

  • Continue providing free, comprehensive, and quality Workshop and Process Days for artists, activists, educators, and Teaching Artists.
  • Organize conferences, panels, and forums bringing together practitioners, participants and host communities (i.e. care homes, hospitals, prisons, schools and youth centers).
  • Launch a Mentor / Training Program for young artists and activists interested in becoming professional Teaching Artists.
  • Establish an e-library of relevant materials, including BewilderArts produced work.

BewilderArts is open to current and future Teaching Artists engaged in: applied arts, narrative arts, healing arts, educational arts, participatory arts, therapeutic arts, artivism, process-based arts, differently-abled arts, integrated arts, community arts, and expanding arts access to underserved communities. Within these contexts, Teaching Artists may specialize in a variety of artistic disciplines: dance, theatre, performance art, spoken word, fiction, memoir, poetry, found arts, painting, drawing, collaging, photography, and sculpture. 
BewilderArts is primarily about visibility and validation for participants and practitioners alike. We hope you will join us, and we look forward to the adventures ahead. 
With Gratitude, 

Joanna Gurin

Founder of BewilderArts

*James Thompson. Applied Theatre: Bewilderment and Beyond, Oxford 2008. p. 22