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A Workshop Collective for Teaching Artists

BewilderArts helps curate initiatives for and by Teaching Artists, Practitioners, Activists, Mentors and Participants. Working in solidarity, we explore the communal & humanitarian potentials of art, valuing the workshop space as a place of constant discussion and learning.

Thank so very much for doing what you do...and for bringing creative thinkers, activists, teaching artists, and artists together. Taking this workshop with BewilderArts...inspired me to think differently about how accessible [my] creative voice actually is. This workshop helped me realize—especially as a writer—that voice can be awoken very easily with the brilliant expressive tools the facilitators introduced...I certainly walked away with applicable tools I can immediately use in my own personal endeavors and with my students as I continue my teaching artist work.
— Prentiss Standridge (Actress & Teaching Artist)
As a ‘newbie’ to the field of Teaching Artistry, it was an eye opening experience to learn what the title actually means and to be a student. Not only was it fun mentally and physically, but it led me to become curious about my personality and my interactions with others. I absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone interested in teaching of any kind!
— Lauren Taylor (Magazine Editor & Filmmaker)

A Very Special Thank You to Our Esteemed Workshop Partners